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Mirai Nikki chat users, watch out.

If you are a nice user, you have nothing to worry about, but for anyone else, watch out.
All mods can now kick and ban without prior notice if an user is messing around too much (This means: They don't have to talk in chat or warn you about your attitude).

Does it mean you can't just joke or fool around? No, that's OK!, but you can't just be a repetitive spammer or be too harsh with other users. So yeah, destroying the harmony is the wrong thing here.

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Feedback on Mirai Nikki

Well, I never expected my Mirai Nikki app to be such a success among users, and trust me, this makes me happy.
I've been receiving a lot of feedback lately and I try to take notes of everything but so far it seems most of you require these:

  • Translations
    • Portuguese translation (These guys insist a lot =P)
    • Russian translation
    • French translation
  • More predictions

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Welp, I'm still working in this website, but as of now, I can say this is the START :)

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